In the bedroom, on the street

Don’t put too much effort to get dressed in the morning, cause lingerie dressing is in for this summer.  Light, sheer fabrics- think chiffon, silk, satin and lace- mix and match in muted pastel shades (and whites) for a modern, romantic look.  Soft silhouettes, and lingerie inspired pieces are the staples of the trend, so go for bustier tops and bralettes, silky bloomers, cute rompers and slip dresses. Look for bedroom details like kimono-sleeves, lace trims and scalloped edges.  I’d go for a more polished hair/make-up look to avoid from looking too much like you just rolled out of bed.

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White-out (for summer school)

White is the perfect colour (or every-colour) for this spring and summer.  It’s right on-trend (Dolce&Gabanna practically did a whole collection in white for spring/summer 2011), and goes really well with (and enhances!) a tan.  It is my belief that a good tan is the perfect summer accessory.  Some more good news: it’s easy to keep your cool in a WHITE OUT outfit, as it reflects sunlight rather than absorbing it.  The bad news- watch out for the ketchup.

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