All I need is some sunshine

All I need is some sunshine.  This song, ‘Black Water,’ by Timber Timbre is the anthem to my summer so far.

It is from the album Creep on Creepin’ on (album art above).

I’ve seen the 7-day forecast and all that’s coming is rain.  I really need some sunshine. July is in denial, thinking it’s October but it really is July.  Where’s the sun?


Blue Valentine

I’m a sucker for a love story and this movie, Blue Valentine, fully sucked me in and broke my heart.  In the best way possible.  It was painful, beautiful and real.  It flips back and forth in time in the life of a working-class married couple, between falling in love and being so far from it.

Ryan Gosling (swoon-worthy) and Michelle Williams made it so believable.

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See you at the Capitol Hill Block Party

I love summer, and nothing says summer like a music festival.  That is why I am so very very excited to head to Seattle for the Capitol Hill Block Party in July.

It will be my first time at the event, my first music festival of the year and my first trip to Seattle in a long time.  I can hardly wait.  I am most excited to see TVOTR (this will be my third time seeing them),  Pink Mountaintops, and the Head and the Heart. And tickets are only $75 for a three day pass, which is a pretty amazing deal… Even rain couldn’t dampen my excitement for this. Weeee!

music to my ears

my current playlist

  1. the national- sorrow
  2. the strokes- taken for a fool
  3. delta spirit- she’s not there (the zombies cover)
  4. kings of leon- mary
  5. alexander- truth
  6. yukon blonde- rather be with you
  7. bon iver- blood bank
  8. miles benjamin anthony robinson- the debtor
  9. lykke li- get some (if you haven’t seen the video, please do so here)
  10.  the strokes- machu picchu