Resort 2012: Surfer’s Paradise

The resort 2012 lines have now been shown, and it looks like many designers have been inspired by a tropical surfer’s paradise.  Hang 10.  Some collections, like the ones at McQ, Derek Lam and Michael Kors, were a more literal translation of the theme, using form-fitting neoprene, wet-suit zippers and body conscious seam detailing.  At No. 21, Balenciaga and Stella McCartney, the clothes had a sportswear ease reminiscent of surf-style (the new Hawaiian shirt), made with modern tropical prints.  Bright/neon colours were popular for the season all round.

As a note on accessories, remember your shades.  Also, visors were a prominent addition to many looks at Balenciaga and Givenchy (not shown), but be careful in trying to pull that off.  The look is cool, sporty-chic, not your grandma on holiday in Florida.

For beauty:  Hair was for the most part beachy, loose and wavy, or pulled back completely and natural make-up dominated the scene.


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