Dakota and Marc together again!

then and now

Guess what? Dakota (Fanning) is Marc Jacobs muse- for a second time!  First (above left) at 13, and now 4 years later she’s the face of “Oh, Lola” (the new fragrance- a take off of “Lola“).  The ad is pretty cute, typical Marc Jacobs style shot by Juergen Teller .  I gotta say I’m just as big of a fan of her as Marc obviously is.  She’s a doll.  I get teary when I think about her in I Am Sam.

For Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 ad campaign, it’s Helena Bonham Carter (also shot by Juergen Teller).  A funny choice seeing as she’s easily the most frequent star on the worst dressed lists (she’s right up there with Bai Ling).  Plus she’s a pretty loyal Vivienne Westwood wearer.  Anyways, she’s got her own style… definitely can pull off the outlandish so I guess it works.  That’s all I’ll say on that.


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