I’m not a bird, but I would love to live in a tree

I have always wanted a tree house.  I still do.  And why not?  They aren’t just child-sized, backyard tokens anymore folks (although I wouldn’t mind one of those either).  There are communities and tree-homes/getaways popping up all over the world.  And there are companies that specialize in building them.  One such company in Seattle, the Treehouse Workshop, specializes in building treehouses (for kids and adults) complete with electricity, and running water, which is pretty ideal if you are really going to be spending a lot of time up there.

a Treehouse Workshop tree-home

Reasons for a tree-home:

  1. Surely there is a better view from up there
  2. Fresher oxygen… Makes sense right? Trees and people have the perfect symbiotic relationship
  3. Be part of the forest (live in a tree, save the rainforest and location, location, location!)
  4. Dreams can come true (childhood ambitions complete)
  5. Good way to conquer fear of heights*

A treehouse community in Costa Rica

(so great)
* I’m not afraid of heights, but I figure this would be a pretty great way to get over it if I was.

One thought on “I’m not a bird, but I would love to live in a tree

  1. those tree houses are amaze-balls! if i had an option i would live in one of those stylish tree top pads for sure.

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