Girl, broke down

Broke Down, a photostory in courtenay

We all know and love that white-trash skid chick style.  It’s especially dear to my heart, I’m from Courtenay.

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Disney at D&G

Overall the picnic theme was evident at D&G for spring 2011 (gingham, checkerboard and florals- oh my), but a close look at some tee’s and tanks reveal Snow White and her 7 little friends were at the party too.

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White-out (for summer school)

White is the perfect colour (or every-colour) for this spring and summer.  It’s right on-trend (Dolce&Gabanna practically did a whole collection in white for spring/summer 2011), and goes really well with (and enhances!) a tan.  It is my belief that a good tan is the perfect summer accessory.  Some more good news: it’s easy to keep your cool in a WHITE OUT outfit, as it reflects sunlight rather than absorbing it.  The bad news- watch out for the ketchup.

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I’m not a bird, but I would love to live in a tree

I have always wanted a tree house.  I still do.  And why not?  They aren’t just child-sized, backyard tokens anymore folks (although I wouldn’t mind one of those either).  There are communities and tree-homes/getaways popping up all over the world.  And there are companies that specialize in building them.  One such company in Seattle, the Treehouse Workshop, specializes in building treehouses (for kids and adults) complete with electricity, and running water, which is pretty ideal if you are really going to be spending a lot of time up there.

a Treehouse Workshop tree-home

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music to my ears

my current playlist

  1. the national- sorrow
  2. the strokes- taken for a fool
  3. delta spirit- she’s not there (the zombies cover)
  4. kings of leon- mary
  5. alexander- truth
  6. yukon blonde- rather be with you
  7. bon iver- blood bank
  8. miles benjamin anthony robinson- the debtor
  9. lykke li- get some (if you haven’t seen the video, please do so here)
  10.  the strokes- machu picchu